The project

The first stage of our project: a fashion show in the heart of nature

The first stage of our project called PrettyIsula will take place on October 13, 2021, in the gardens of Casa Guelfucci, a beautiful natural space that will provide the perfect setting for our fashion show.
Local designers and craftsmen will present their latest collections of jewellery, fashion, accessories and home decor.
This event aims to showcase the island’s exceptional creativity.
Glasses, jewellery, swimwear, dresses, scarves, tote bags will be given pride of place by young models of the agency Mode Studio Ajaccio.
The event will be covered by the press and will be shared on social media by many Corsican influencers such as Laetitia Duclos, Océane Baldocchi, Sacha Carli, Jennynextstyle, MyBrunettediary, anniestaelens…

How the idea was born…

Corsica is a very popular destination known for its rich cultural identity but also its fauna, flora, landscapes and gastronomy. However, we felt that one aspect did not get the attention it deserved: that of Corsica’s thriving fashion and accessories sector led by a myriad of young designers.
Our project was born from this observation: Corsica is a land of outstanding products and know-how, but its designers lack visibility abroad and sometimes within the island itself.
We have sought to remedy this by building a project including several stages; the first of which being to organize a fashion show in Corte (Corsica) to make Corsican customers discover a host of local designers. Then, we planned to set up a corner shop in a luxury international hotel in order to help the selected designers to create links abroad. Finally, we decided to support all this through the creation of a multilingual website and a social media campaign to help the designers to gain visibility abroad.
Because of our training, we have a multidisciplinary profile that allows us to offer our skills in foreign languages (French, Corsican, English, Spanish, Italian), marketing, communication, etc.
This project aims to increase the visibility of Corsican designers locally, in France and abroad…
The first stage of our project, the « Fashion Day », will take place at the Domaine Casa Guelfucci (Corte) on Wednesday 13 October, and we will therefore share videos, photos and stories of the event on social media and on this website.

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