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colourful and delicate handmade costume jewellery …

The story

Since her early childhood, Livia Girard has always loved arts and crafts. Her passion for jewellery was born while working alongside her grandmother Antoinette, with whom she had fun handcrafting her own bracelets. A passion that has never left her.

The young woman therefore decided during the first lockdown to resist the prevailing gloom by transforming it into a creative process. She thus started creating her own line of jewellery: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings made from semi-precious pearls, natural pearls and freshwater pearls.
And the love affair between the young designer and fashion jewellery turned into a real love story.

The starting point

Initially motivated by the desire to accessorize her outfits and the disappointment of not always finding what she had in mind, the young designer, a management student at the University of Corsica, decided to set off on an adventure and launch her own brand: « Ghjuvelli », which means « jewellery » in Corsican, was born! The majestic natural landscapes that Corsica has to offer are an endless source of inspiration for the designer.


A Corsican to the core, Livia Girard is keen to promote local trade. In addition to being entirely handmade and sold at really affordable prices, Ghjuvelli jewellery can be ordered online at and you can find them in several shops across Corsica: « La Maudette » in Bastia, « Le manège à bougie » in Borgo, « Éden » in Porticcio and « Coquette » in Moriani.