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La malle d’Annalia

the story of two passions

La malle d’Annalia

La Malle d’Annalia is the story of a family united in their passion, but above all, it is the story of the meeting between Olivier and Anne-Laure.

Olivier has a passion for shooting sports, Anne-Laure has been making jewellery since she was a child and had always dreamt of finding a new way to express her creativity.

This is how the Crea Nostra collection was born: a delicate and very trendy costume jewellery collection that stands out for its originality.

The pieces are indeed designed from bullet casings recovered by Olivier that Anne-Laure’s expert hands then transform into delicate-looking necklaces and chokers, earrings, rings and small bracelets sold at irresistible prices.

Gilded with fine gold or silver, associated to stainless steel or brass, embellished with coral, beads, small charms and medallions for a gorgeous women’s collection, or simply with rope and brass for a more virile men’s collection, La Malle d’Annalia’s bullet shells will delight everyone.

A beautiful family story – Anne-Laure’s father is also involved in cutting the casings and Olivier takes part in the creation too – La Malle d’Annalia is also the story of a metamorphosis as it transforms what a firearm discards into stylish and delicate fashion jewellery.

« La Malle d’Annalia » is a name that seemed to be an obvious choice for the designers. It refers to the large Corsican trunk they have been filling with keepsakes and memorabilia since the birth of their daughter Annalia and which they intend to give her on her 18th birthday… A real treasure chest if ever there was one!

You can find all the creations of La Malle d’Annalia, Crea Nostra, but also other jewellery lines such as those based on coral on: