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the Corsica brand that pays homage to the island’s craftsmanship and hard work.

The brand

Sgiò is a name you need to remember. This Corsican brand has a rich history and is first and foremost a tribute to Corsica’s craftsmanship and hard work.

Born of a wealthy mother called a « Sgiò » and a father who was a farmer, designer Elodie Emmanuelli drew inspiration from her family roots and her love of the island to create her brand and her flagship piece: the Corsican boiler suit. Sgiò means « Master » in Corsican and is also used as a title of nobility.

A traditional garment for workers at the time, the boiler suit has become the very symbol of perseverance and determination.

Redesigned in a more noble fabric and brought back into fashion, the boiler suit has become an iconic item for many Corsican fashionistas.

The designer continues to develop timeless yet trendy garments (T-shirts, polo shirts, swimwear, etc.) that are increasingly appealing to fashion lovers of all ages.

she has also developed a sportswear line, along with other types of products and accessories (caps, glasses, berets, etc.) made in Corsica which showcase the artists, craftsmen and mythical characters of Corsica such as statuettes of Pasquale Paoli and Napoleon, both of them dressed in Sgiò!

In order to best convey the values of the island, many collaborations have also been made. For example, the brand partnered with the local football club The Sporting Club of Bastia as well as the prestigious Domaine de Murtoli scattered hotel complex located in the South of Corsica.