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Creative recycling store

Dinò: Creative recycling store

The terms « social responsibility » and « originality » take on their full meaning with Dinò, the creative recycling shop that perfectly represents the current trend consisting in combining fashion with upcycling—upcycling being the creative process that recycles waste material and used objects to transform them into shiny new things.

Don Pierre Corsi is indeed one of those young designers who are committed to an environmental approach to make sure used objects along with our favourite pieces of clothing get a second life.
From design to fashion, no challenge is too great for the recycling store that can transform used denim or vintage pieces into real works of art whatever their state of disrepair. Dinò’s team can be relied upon to bring creativity and know-how to everything that falls into their expert hands.

The store’s values are perfectly aligned with those of the fashion world, which increasingly takes into account recyclability at its design and manufacturing phases. At Dinò, the practice often consists of making new things out of old ones so as to create unique, playful and useful objects and clothes.

Based in Porto-Vecchio, the brand proudly defends its values of waste repurposing, conscious and sustainable consumption and eco-responsibility.
The Tote Boya collection, one of Dinò Recyclerie’s flagship creations.

These beautiful tote bags, purses and beach pillows are made from used buoys. Tote refers to the famous Tote Bag popularised by American celebrities in the 90s and Boya means buoy in Spanish. Indeed, it was during a trip to Mallorca that Don Pierre Corsi and the Dinò team were inspired by the fact that Majorcans manage to recycle 90% of their waste. This was a Eureka moment for Don Pierre Corsi who then decided to combine recycling and fashion to create fun and practical objects that combine utility with pleasure.