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each piece of jewellery is a sparkling work of art …


Translucent gems, colourful stones and precious metals that you would easily imagine in the workshop of a sorcerer invoking mystical forces to create the Philosopher’s stone – this is what Beatrice Hélène de Casalta’s workshop looks like, and she is indeed a true magician herself.

Her ability to transform luminous precious gems (diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires) and semi-precious ones (tourmalines, aquamarines, lapis lazuli,…) or even freshwater pearls into stunning pieces of jewellery is at once an art and a tribute to the invincible force that changes the world – femininity.

Encased in rings, bracelets and wrist adornments, chain necklaces, chokers, earrings, pendants, charms and medallions, the designer’s glittering gems play with a bold chromatic palette and remain true to the brand name— »spampillà » meaning « to sparkle » in Corsican.

Beatrice de Casalta’s delicate gold or gilt-silver pieces are reminiscent of nature’s intricate patterns and reveal to the outside world the complexities of being a woman.

Bearing a symbolic meaning whether it be in its design (eye of Horus, evil eye, lions, serpentine shapes and flowers abound) or in the stones selected for their properties and symbolism, each piece of Spampilla jewellery is to be worn like a talisman.

Aside from jewellery, Beatrice Hélène de Casalta is also known for her iconic redesign of fish traps which she converted into beautiful lamps.

Made of bulrush and entirely woven and sewn by hand, these lampshades can become floor lamps, bedside lamps or even chandeliers to decorate your interior with a marine and natural touch. They come with their own wiring and a large choice of colourful bulbs and ceramic sockets.