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Association I Giranduloni
Promotion 2021/2022

Crédit photo : José Martinetti

About us

We are 9 students enrolled in a master’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages (English, Spanish and Italian) at the University of Corsica in Corte. Our degree aims at meeting professional needs in the fields of languages and marketing and is dedicated to promoting local businesses and local products on a domestic and international market.


    Hugo, 23: Hugo is the President of the association. He is a lover of nature and extreme sports and makes the team benefit from his invaluable experience in the associative field.


    This native of Ajaccio with a capital A is not afraid of a challenge and will defend the team’s interests in all circumstances! Her professional experience in innovation and project management as well as her skills in graphic design and visual identity are precious to the team.

  • Ornella DI CARA

    Ornella, the it-girl! Her knowledge of fashion, social media and influencers, is a major asset for the project. Currently working at Sgiò in Corte, she has managed to combine work and studies with as much energy as ever.

  • Florence OBERTI

    Florence, the treasurer of the association. Holding a degree in Business Management and Administration, Florence brings her expertise in budget planning and financial management, which is essential to ensure the project’s success.

  • Iliyana TODOROVA

    Iliyana, the inveterate dreamer: A native of Bulgaria, Iliyana brings her intercultural skillset and her love of foreign languages to the project.

  • Paul VENTRE

    Paul, 22, is the team’s communication man. His creativity is inexhaustible. Hard-working and meticulous, he is constantly brimming with ideas to further the project and help promote the young designers.

  • Alexia MARIACCIA

    Alexia M. is from Corte and her knowledge of the Cortenese terrain has played an important role in the setting up of the project. Always available for the group, Alexia also has a very varied professional experience.

  • Maria-Antonia GUELFUCCI

    the bubbly one! She is a Pisces with an ascendant in Cancer, which probably explains her compulsively passionate personality. Everything interests her (read « amazes her ») because she has kept her childlike soul. Marie-Antonia is currently working with Dinò and is creating her own brand.

  • Serena ROSSELLI

    At 25, she is the oldest member of the team, always ready to channel and motivate the troop. With great interpersonal skills which have motivated her choice to study languages and a proven track record in tourism, Serena brings her skills in customer relations.

The association…

The association was created in October 2018, on the initiative of the first students enrolled in the master’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages.
It is only composed of the 9 students this year and is a non-profit association.

Roles within the board

– Hugo ERLINGER, President
– Alexia CHIAVERINI, General Vice President
– Florence OBERTI, Treasurer
– Alexia MARIACCIA, Secretary
– Iliyana TODOROVA-ILIEVA, in charge of PR
– Paul VENTRE, Vice President in charge of the marketing strategy
– Ornella DI CARA, Vice-President in charge of establishing partnerships
– Marie-Antonia GUELFUCCI, Vice President in charge of events
– Serena ROSSELLI, Vice-President in charge of international relations