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A Vibrant and Colourful Wardrobe 🌈✨Made in Corsica

Maison Macci

Maison Macci is a brand of ready-to-wear clothing created by a young woman from Calvi, Marie Guglielmacci. It offers limited edition collections entirely designed and manufactured in Corsica in a workshop in Balagne.

Launched in 2016, the brand is a dream come true: that of little girl who had a passion for drawing. But it is also the result of several years of hard labour and perseverance made possible thanks to the support of many people.

Wishing to pay tribute to her family, Marie chose the last letters of her surname to give birth to the label MAISON MACCI. A name that is now synonymous with colourful creations, fluid fabrics and sophisticated cuts.

Attached to the values of the circular economy and local development that she shares, the designer has chosen to have her collection be entirely manufactured on the island, which allows her to guarantee the clothes meet her uncompromising quality standards.

Taking advantage of French know-how, the designer uses noble materials such as silk to give life to garments with a perfect fit and meticulous details.

Coral as an emblem

The coral branch, a marine treasure from the Isle of Beauty, is the symbol of the brand. It can be found on the prints, labels and buttons of Maison Macci, whose fabrics are certified with the Oeko-Tex® label that guarantees that your garment contains no harmful chemicals.

Marie Guglielmacci uses the breath-taking surrounding Corsican nature and its unrivalled art of living as so many sources of inspiration for her vibrant colours and bold prints. As for the creation of the models, she does not follow the trend; she leads it by imagining the clothes that she herself would like to wear.

Shiny tops, maxi or midi glossy silk skirts and dresses, hot pink slacks and colourful scarves, MAISON MACCI’s beautifully cut, sleek and minimally embellished pieces fit all body shapes and will allow you to remain elegant and trendy in all circumstances.